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Story of a Quarter

It was my first outing with my newly acquired Yashica Mat124G.  It was a Friday evening, and I wanted to shoot a roll to test out the camera.   I walked my normal route and on the floor I saw a quarter; a 25 cents coin.  The coin was facing up, and it was on the concrete sidewalk.  I picked it up and put in my right pocket. For a split second I wondered how that coin ended up there. Then I went back to searching for photos to take.  I took some photos, and being that a 120 roll has only 12 exposures, I was careful with my shots. Then I saw a man on the corner of the street.  He was shirtless and was standing in front of a cardboard box; he must have been asking for money.  I was on the other side of the street and thought about taking his photo from across the street. But I wanted to get closer.  I crossed the street to be on his side, and right away he noticed me.  Then I remembered I had a quarter in my pocket. I got closer and asked him "I trade you a quarter for a photo" which he agreed to by opening his hand to accept the trade.  I told him that I would take his photo first.  Still trying to get used to the new camera, I did the best I could and took the shot.  I wanted to take another one for safety, but my roll ran out.  I reached into my right pocket and pulled out the coin and handed it to him.

Shirtless by Jesse Acosta

A Windy Day

A Windy Day by Jesse Acosta
A Windy Day, a photo by Jesse Acosta on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Ektar | AE-1 | San Antonio | 2013
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