Sunday, August 3, 2014

Street Photography: Simple Inspiration

During the past few weeks, for one reason or another, I have been experiencing what I call "photographer's block."  Which is my version of Writer's Block.  Desperate to shake it off, I took to the streets with minimal gear and with the intention to try photographing using a different technique.  I was surprised by the results. Although most the photos are not good, what surprised me is how receptive I was to the street after this exercise. With practice, the technique used in this video could deliver great results.  But as a "warm up" exercise, it was just what I needed.

 If you've felt like me, watch this video and it may help you too.


Filmed in San Antonio, TX
Produced and Directed by Jesse Acosta.

Jesse Acosta is a street photographer based out of San Antonio, TX.  His passion for life is conveyed through photography.